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Mispa Viva, true semi- automated clinical chemistry analyzer is a symbol of superior technology and convenience, designed to deliver high accuracy, quality results with least turnaround time and low maintenance.

Meril is a global medical device company dedicated towards design and development of novel, clinically relevant, state-of-the-art and best-in-class devices to alleviate human suffering and improve the Quality of Life, spanning broad operational canvas from vascular interventional devices to orthopedics, in-vitro diagnostics and endo-surgery.


From the desk of the Founder :-
Mr.C.K.K. Menon

When I decided it was time to start my own business in 1985 I took the plunge armed with enough industry experience and the love and support of my family, Chitra Trading Corporation took shape of our dreams. In 1988 we adhered to market demands and re incorporated as Ark Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd.


Our range of products include EM 360 Automated Clinical Chemistry Analyzer, XL 640 Automated Biochemistry Analyzer, XL 1000 Fully Automated Clinical Chemistry Analyzer, Erba Chem 5x Clinical Chemistry Analyzer, Erba Chem 5 Plus V2 Biochemistry Analyzer and Erba-Chem-7 Direct Access Clinical Chemistry Analyzere